Botox Injections

Within our team we have Dr's and Nurses that specialise in injectable treatments such as Anti Wrinkle and Filler to provide a range of different services tailored to the wants, needs and expectations of the client. If you would like more information on our specialists, please visit our 'Team' page to ensure you are in safe hands. It is our duty to provide a professional yet ethical service to our clients. 

In every treatment we will provide a thorough consultation to explain the procedures and advise what is right for you and your expectations. Below we have provided a list of our injectable treatments and prices. Price may vary depending on what has been agreed during consultation. 

Dermal Fillers

Hyaluronic acid dermal filler can be used to treat different areas in order to achieve natural and effective results; restoring volume loss, softening lines and wrinkles, correcting asymmetries, improving appearance of scaring and creating a lifting effect.

Price starts from £220.00

Anti Wrinkle Injections 

Price from 

£150.00 1 area

£200.00 2 areas

£250.00 3 areas


Bioremodelling with PROFHILO

Profhilo is an injectable anti ageing treatment for the skin that is loosing its elasticity and firmness. It sits just below the surface of the skin where it is dispersed quickly and reacts with your own tissue to boost hydration giving a smoother, plumper and firmer appearance. A course if two treatments is recommended. 

Price from £300.00

Bio Nutri Lift by Fillmed

The Bio Nutri Lift is a truly unique rejuvenation procedure which combines a lifting effect with deep and long lasting hydration using a combination of dermal filler and NCTF 135ha biorevitaliser. 

Price from £250.00

Bio Nutri Lips by Fillmed

Bio Nutri Lips is a treatment targeting the lips and surrounding area with dermal filler and NCTF 135ha biorevitaliser to restore volume loss and give long lasting results as well as deep hydration. 

Price from £300.00

Bio Nutri Neck

Bio Nutri Neck targets creepiness, loss of firmness and lines in the neck area using the unique combination of dermal filler and NCTF 135ha bio revitaliser to rejuvenate and tighten the neck and décolleté.

Price from £350.00

Beautifeye by Fillmed

Beautifeye targets the delicate skin around the eyes eying the unique bio revitaliser; NCTF 135ha which achieves natural rejuvenation and restoration for a fresher appearance. Nanosoft needles are used allowing minimal down time. A course of three is recommended.

Price from £150.00

Collagen stimulating fillers (Ellanse)

Ellanse is a unique dermal filler that works by not only immediately correcting the wrinkles, but also stimulating the body's own natural collagen production to give a long lasting and natural result.

Price from £350.00


State of the art fat dissolving injections designed to treat localised pockets of fat in the face and body. The fat cells are liquified and processed by the bodys lymphaic drainage system. 

Price from £150.00