Laser Hair Removal

What is laser hair removal?  

Laser hair removal is brilliant technology which allows you to kill of hair follicles without damaging any of the surrounding tissue. Laser hair removal works by a red laser beam attracting to the pigmentation in the hair shaft, the laser light travels down the hair shaft and cortorises the follicle. With our latest medical technology, our diode laser is able to treat many different types of hair AND all skin types with up to a 95% permanent hair reduction! 

Why laser hair removal? 

Laser hair removal can be life changing for people. We have treated many patients who have hormonal problems where there hair is being stimulated over there body. It brings such a confidence boost to clients and no more shaving! 

Laser hair removal is brilliant for ingrowing hairs, un wanted hair, regular shavers, regular waxers, folliculitus, large hair follicles, hormonal stimulation of hair and people who suffer from shaving rash.

Laser hair removal can be performed all over the body and is now one of the most popular world wide aesthetic treatments.

Our laser treatments are performed by experienced practitioners, our machinery is the latest technology on the market. 

Laser hair removal require a course of 6 treatments around 4-6 weeks apart. During your consultation process your practitioner will look at the area in which your wanting to be treatment, they will advise you on realistic expectations and how long to leave time between each treatment. In consultation your practitioner will also perform a test patch to ensure right laser settings for you, it will give you a chance to feel the sensation of the laser and they will go through after care and treatment process. You tend to see the best results after your first laser treatment, the only reason why we require a course of 6 is so that we laser the hair in the right cycle of growth and to ensure that the hair will not come back. 

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Laser hair removal price lists;

                                                ONE            SIX

Under arm                            £60              £300

Standard bikini                     £70              £360

High bikini                            £80              £400

Brazilian/Hollywood           £99             £540

Navel to pubis                     £35              £150

Abdomen                            £95             £510

Fingers                                £35             £150

Hands                                 £55             £270

Forearm                              £95             £510

Full arm                              £135           £750

Areoloa                              £35              £150

Chest                                 £110              £600

Toes                                   £35              £150

Feet                                    £55              £270

Shoulders                           £110              £600

Buttocks                             £95               £510

Upper lip                            £45              £210

Chin                                   £45              £210

Lip and chin                      £75              £390

Cheeks/sideburns             £75              £390

Neck                                 £60              £300

Half face                           £95               £510

Full face                           £110             £600

Monobrow                        £35               £150

Half leg                             £150            £870

3/4 leg                              £200            £1140

Full leg                             £240            £1380

For men                                          ONE            SIX

Mens abdomen/chest                    £135           £750

Full back                                         £150           £870

Abdomen and chest                      £200           £1140

Half back/shoulders                      £135           £750

Full back, chest and abdomen     £250          £1440

Payment plans available up to 5months payment break down to ensure the best results and affordability for every body.

Please ask for more information on our monthly laser offers.

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