LED Facials

LED Mask Facial

Before performing any aesthetic skin treatment your practitioner will do a skin consultation and detailed analysis with the use of our skin scanner. By doing this we will be able to identify treatments to suit your skin concerns and ensure we get the best results. Within consultation process you will fill out a form with various questions to help your practitioner identify and understand yourself, lifestyle and concerns. Your practitioner will explain why we are seeing these concerns on the skin, treatments available, how we can help , expectations and further information regarding products, treatments and aftercare.

Although we provide our treatment list, our practitioners will go through any advise on treatments best for your skin, treatments can also be combined with other treatments to ensure the most out of every treatment, if we feel your skin is ready to do so.

For any questions regarding our facial treatments, please contact us for more information. 

LED lights come in various different colours which promotes skin rejuvenation, each light works with cells in the skin to help with concerns. We choose the colour suited to your skin, for example, the blue LED light kills bacteria which is great for acne skin, the red LED light aids stimulation of collagen and elastin. We can also treat various other concerns such as pigmentation, dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. LED treatments can be performed on its own, part of a relaxation facial treatment or where it most benefits, we can increase the facial even further by also incorporating advanced skin treatments such as microdermabration, dermaplan, skin peels, Plasmapen and Dermapen treatments. (see relevant pages for more information)

Price for LED starts from £20.00