A theory behind moisturising

To moisturize or not to moisturize

So I have been on many training courses with many different skin care brands and many different theories behind skin and skin care.

My most latest up date training has been very interestingly correct.

Are moisturisers actually any good?

When applying a cosmetic moisturiser to the skin, it sits on the top layer of your skin which are dead skin cells which means that not only is it masking any problems of dryness but it seems to sit on the top layer of the skin making the skin feel like its full of product (most of the time).

If you apply a moisturiser to your skin, it tells your GAGS ( hydration cells) to stop producing hydration as that feeling on the top of your skin when a moisturiser has been applied is telling your brain that it does not need to produce moisture which means your GAGS slow down there production.

This means that the dead skin cells on the top of your skin are being hydrated but the fresh healthy cells which are needing to be looked after the most are not getting hydration that they need to stay healthy for as long as possible.

In other words ditch your moisturiser because its either masking the problem or causing more problems because your cells which should naturally produce your own skin hydration wont work properly.

I have many people come in with dry/dehydrated skin but have break outs and they cant work out why because there skin is not oily. Most of the time they have breaks outs is because the skin is not creating enough moisture, so your oil glands over produce oil to compensate the lack of moisture. The over production of oil and the dry dead skin then causes a spot.

Theory.... 1. If we avoid using moisturisers and actually get ingredients into our regime which actually speed up our cell renewal which then removes dead dull skin from the surface, and get ingredients into your regime to stimulate your GAGS into producing your own skin hydration then you will not feel the need to use a moisturiser to hide to problem.

2.If we stimulate your own GAGs which produce your own hydration then your oil glands will calm down in the over production of oil which means less break outs.



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