Basic nutrition tips during Corona

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Getting in the goods.

Who’s unmotivated, struggling to get up of the sofa, out of sync with sleeping, trying to get the energy work out?

First things first, this is ok! A lot of people have been forced to stop and all of a sudden, we finally realise how drained we really are and we need this time to heal, some of us struggle with stopping due to being so used to being on the go or having an anxious mind, some people’s lives have drastically changed over the last couple of weeks that it’s just hard to find the get up and go discipline. My tips to get you through this time:

🍔 It is ok to slack! Just don’t stay there. Eat the choclate, get the take away... enjoy it, appreciate it and then get back to health again. Continuasly eating bad foods will make you feel unhealthy, tired, lethargic and harder for your body to repair. When you eat healthy you become more happier, confident, alert, you think and sleep better and you get the sense of well-being. By eating a well balanced diet will also allow you to accept and appreciate the binge days. 🥒Greens, greens and more greens. Eating greens helps to alkaline the body of toxins and feeds the whole body nutrition what it needs. This not only helps with health but it has amazing physiological factors such as calms the mind and body, relieves stress and anxious symptoms, sense of well-being. 🧊 Drink lots of water ! Every cell in your whole body is made of water, when your body is dehydrated the cells break down which means they do not function properly and toxins cannot get out. Drinking water helps with EVERYTHING... skin, hair, nails, weight loss, digestion, sleeping, stess, anxiety, metabolism, energy, mindfulness, alertness, concentration.

Give yourself a goal of drinking 2l of water a day for the next two weeks, sit back and watch the magic.

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