Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Let's break the stigma, Yoga is for everyone. It has a stigma that it’s for young housewives in fancy leggings, and gurus mediatating in the tibetan hills in a cave somewhere! This couldn’t be further from the truth, so here is 5 myths about yoga to break that stigma and hopefully prompt you to give it a try!

  1. I can’t do Yoga, i’m not flexible! Aside from some physical ailments or disabilities people may have, any level of flexibility can do yoga! Granted, some people seem to be naturally flexible, but mostly, flexibility is trained and gained. You wouldn’t expect to run a marathon when you get tired just running up the stairs! (We can relate!) - It takes practice. There are many different levels, you can progress and try out more complicated, somewhat ‘bendy’ moves if you like, or if your happy too, just keep it simple! Even just doing a little stretching through yoga each day is very beneficial.

  2. Yoga is just meditation! Sure some people note a feeling similar to meditation when they do Yoga. That’s just because Yoga focuses on your breath, and the transition into movements as well as the movements themselves. Along with a sense of calm and overall peacefulness. But it is definitely an exercise! It gets the blood pumping, the muscles stretched, and, if you do find yourself bored with yoga targeted at beginners; you can always progress to some of that difficult stuff for a challenge. And we can vouch that you won’t be thinking that kind of yoga is just a ‘simple meditation’!

  3. I can’t afford to do Yoga! (with my Time or Money!) Many people think you need to go to expensive yoga classes to do it. You can find affordable ones if you need that group mentality motivation. But if that’s still not an option, many people offer free yoga classes on YouTube. A particular favourite of ours is the infamous ‘Yoga with Adrienne’. Hundreds of Yoga practices at your feet (literally!), just pop it on your device or TV. She has practices ranging from 10-50 minutes, for all different levels and people. So you can pick and choose to suit your capabilities, and your free time. She also offers different practices to suit different needs; back feeling tight? Theres a yoga class just for that! Also, you don’t need expensive yoga gear to do it, a mat is recommended, of which you can buy these very cheaply, but if you don’t have it you can do it on a rug or carpet. Just pop on some comfortable leggings or joggers and a t-shirt, turn on the TV and get going!

  4. Guys can’t do yoga! As we mentioned above, flexibility is gained. Theres a stigma that only women are flexible, but everyone can develop it. No matter who you are or what you identify as, you can do yoga. A lot of men might have a stigma of it being a feminine practice, but many men do it and can benefit from it! It has so many benefits, including enhanced strength and flexibility, reduced chance of injury, Weight loss, Relief of aches and pains, and many more!

  5. It’s a religious thing! This is a common misconception! Yoga is not tied to any particular religion. It’s an exercise, not a religious practice; Sure many religions probably take part, but you can do yoga no mater your religion, age, culture, background, gender, and so on!

So to sum up, give it ago! What harm could it do! and have fun stretching yogi bears!

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