Corona aftermath

We don’t know about you but we personally think that when this is all over, we should not go back to life “as normal”. What is going on now has taught us some very valuable lessons which need to be continued.

-Everyone is fighting there own battles so be kind to eachother. -Do not use the NHS when it’s un necessary, it’s amazing how many people have over come problems which people would have gone straight to the doctors and hospitals for. -Appreciate key workers that work there asses of all year round, have family’s at home yet still are keeping the place running.

-Continue to make time to speak to loved ones, no busy schedule is to important than connecting with others.

-Support small businesses who put everything into making things work and rely on the community to help keep them going.

-I went out for a run today (social distancing don’t worry) and I have not seen so many people smiling at eachother, saying good morning, checking in on eachother. We got to caught up in a world of having people around you, yet so disconnected. -It makes you realise that we live in a world of unneeded temporary things, since we have had to go without, people are connecting with family, laughing, playing, out in nature, being more creative, not spending money when un necessary.

-People are learning, reading, doing things they “never had time for”.

-We are having gratitude for what we have around us. -The world pollution has gone down dramatically since the world has had to isolated. -Give yourself time to reflect, be healthy, work out, self care... Health is wealth. -Appreciate the little things around you. -We must learn to switch of more, we have learnt to survive on “being busy” and stressed. One of the biggest struggles people are facing in this time is not being busy, leaving people anxious and over whelmed. Try and use this time to heal and change your mind set so that you can deal with chaos in peace. -It makes you realise no matter where you are from, we are all on the same path right now and everyone should be treated as equal.

This should be seen as an opportunity.



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