Daily Skin Care Tips

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Clear skin is always in BOOK NOW FOR YOUR PRESCRIBED AT HOME FACIAL. Here is Jess’s morning routine: 1st Cleanse to remove dirt. 2nd Cleanse to clean the skin. 3rd Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells, stimulate the bloody supply which brings oxygen and nutrition to the surface of the skin and the lymphatic system which aids to removal of waste, toxins and helps with skin healing. 4th Daily power defence- Full of nutrition, helps to rebuild the skin, feeds the skin from the outside in and protects against environmental damage and free radicals. 5th SPF to protect against UV rays which is the most common cause of ageing and many other skin concerns.

Tips with skin care: Less is more, your skin should not feel “caked” in product. Massage the face to stimulate the skin and allow deeper penetration of ingredients. Try and stick to cosmeceuticals products and ideally the same brand! AM is protection PM is rebuild and repair Good skin is like trying to loose weight and build muscle, it’s 80% nutrition and what you are doing at home and 20% going to the gym (facial treatments in clinic). Skin care is crucial for good skin for both quick results and long lasting.

Over exfoliation to oily and acne skin can cause more inflammation and break outs, and over hydration dry skin can make the skin dryer! We provide face to face and online consultations over the UK.

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