Facts about salt

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Many of us live a high salt life, salt does not have many health benefits as it puts a lot of pressure on vital organs such as your brain, liver, arteries and heart. To much salt causes chemical imbalances in the body which contributes to many diseases and disorders. Normal table salt is made up of around 97% sodium, sodium links to various health problems as well as relation to anxiety and depression. Salt causes the body to become very dehydrated, when our body becomes dehydrated this causes the cells to stop absorbing nutrition and excrete toxins which cause the body to become very stressed and in an acidic state. When the body is acidic it becomes the perfect environment for illnesses, diseases, disorders and mental health problems. Over many years nutritionists have been taught to think that salt is bad BUT we do have good salts. Crystal salts such as Himalayan sea salts are low in sodium, they form over hundreds of years of compression. It is absorbed very quickly into the body and contains 84 different minerals. True crystal salts (also known as sole) help to regulate blood sugar levels, hydrate the cells of the body, improves digestion, improves quality of sleep, helps against cramping, detoxes the body, acts as a natural anti histamine, supports hormonal balance, supports thyroid and adrenal function. The list goes on. As a tip, purchase good quality sole salt, pour some into a large bowl/ container. Fill up with filtered water and allow the salt to dissolve in the water. Each morning put a spoonful of this into a pint of water. Enjoy and let the magic happen. Note, do not use any metal equipment as the salt attracts to the ions of the metal. Diet plays such as massive role on health and wellbeing, by paying attention to key ingredients such as salt intake and understanding the difference between the good salts and bad salts is a great step to supporting your body and mind.

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