Food for thought

Food for thought The gut can perform its functions without needing the brain There are over 100 million brain cells in the gut The gut has its only nervous system The gut sends emotional signals to the brain—suggesting we "feel" with our guts first 95 percent of your body’s serotonin, that marvellous mood molecule that antidepressant drugs like Prozac keep in your body, can be found in the gut. Think about that. It’s no wonder that diet, medications, and antibiotics can wreak havoc on one’s mood. Food affects mood Not only does your gut hold brain cells, it also houses the bulk of your immune cells. When you are feeling negative feelings such as low moods, anxieties, sickness, lethargic, tired, restless, bloated, uncomfortable, un well, try looking into your diet first as it plays such a massive part on your body and mind health. A lot of anti biotics and medication wipe out good bacteria from the gut which means you are doing more damage than good and encouraging negative emotions and feelings. Your gut and what goes into your gut is so powerful, and when looked after correctly you can heal the mind and the body, with this will encourage positive moods and emotions such as happiness, content, clear skin weight loss, confidence, focus sleep, It will reduce symptoms such as anxiety and depression, you will gain motivation and energy. Make a goal for the next 2 weeks to try and drink minimal of 2 litres of water every day, minimise eating meat ( if you do eat meat try and stick to chicken, turkey and small amounts of red meats), chew food properly, cut down on caffeine and sugar, do not eat when stressed and on the go, eat as much green fruit and veg as possible as this helps to alkaline the body. Our bodies become acidic due to pollution, environmental stress, mental stress, diets. When the body is acidic this feeds weight gain, sickness, low moods and no energy. Avoid alcohol when possible (but that would be very hypocritical of me 📷😉 ) so try and cut down on the wines and beers and drink cleaner drinks such as vodka and gin with soda and tonics, while keeping hydrate with water. Avoid fast foods and pre made package foods and enjoy cooking foods from scratch. Work out for the minimal of 30 minuets 3 times a week, yoga once a week and go out and enjoy the beauty of nature. Watch the magic happen. Your mind and your body will transform. Changing life style habits is always hard to do at first but once its repeated and you feel the benefits, it will become easy and normal.



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