written by Mandy Elliott

Basic Explanation:

Detoxing = The Body Is Releasing More Toxins Than It Is Taking In.

So, Why Detox?

If you have more toxins coming in than being eliminated, they will eventually build up in your cells effecting you in a negative way. Some examples are listed below:-

• Reduces all cell function and immune function.

• Reduces the cells ability to create energy

• Attracts disease

• Premature ageing as your cells can’t replicate well

• Heavy metal build up. This means antioxidants get used up quickly

• Nutrient deficiency even if you take supplements - This is because, if you are toxic and your intestines are full up, then you can’t assimilate and absorb nutrients efficiently

The following symptoms suggest a toxic build up:-

• Tiredness, Lethargy, Depression, Anxiety, Stressed and Lack of Motivation

• Brain Fog and Poor Concentration

• Weight Gain

• Aching Joints and Muscles

• Gut Issues - IBS, Constipation, Bloating, Smelly Flatulence and Stools, Bad Breath

• Skin Problems - Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Cellulite etc

• Allergies

• Headaches

• Yeast problems - Candida Albicans

• Inflammation and Recurring Infections

• Hormonal Imbalances

Benefits of detoxing are:-

• Increased Energy and Vitality

• Weight Loss

• Increased Enthusiasm. In fact, you could actually drive your family crazy with it.

• Clear Skin and Sparkling Eyes

• Balanced Hormones and Reduced Menstrual Problems

• Blood Sugar Balance

• Normal Bowel Movements

• A Flatter Belly

• Look and Feel Younger

• Reduced Allergies and Intolerances

• Flexibility

• Happiness and a Feeling of Calm

• An Overall Feeling of YES alongside a big dose of Whoop Whoop!

• And of course, general smugness and self worth for doing something that is so beneficial to your wellbeing

How toxins are stored, processed and eliminated:-

STORAGE - If the body can’t cope with the amount of toxins coming in, it will need to store them somewhere:

Fat Cells - The first choice of storage, predominately because your body is keeping the destructive toxins away from your vital organs. This is one of the reasons why sometimes weight loss programs focused on calorie control don’t work, as you might still be ingesting toxic, processed food, so the body will be desperately holding onto fat cells to store the toxins. For example - Sweeteners are extremely toxic.

Liver - Toxic build up can really congest the liver and stop it from working efficiently.

Thyroid - The thyroid will often attract toxins, which can lead to thyroid disfunction.

All Cells - When all of the storage areas are used up, toxins will go anywhere they can.

PROCESSING - As soon as you start to clean up your diet, toxins will be released from storage ready for processing:

Small Intestine - This long tube, and the healthy bacteria that resides there, literally decide what should be absorbed into the body and what is waste ready for elimination from the bowel. Too many toxins waiting to be processed can lead to lots of gut issues including IBS, Leaky Gut, inflammation and poor absorption of nutrients.

Kidneys - Filters the blood and is involved in acid waste elimination.

Liver - Master processor of toxic waste, so it has a big job to do.

Lymph System - This is kind of the body’s sewage system. It filters and transports toxins.


Your body can be awesome at storing and processing toxins, but if your elimination pathways are not working efficiently, the toxins will get backed up and reabsorbed. The result is that you will not actually be detoxing. So you have gone to all of that effort, only to hold onto the toxins. Also, if any of these exit organs are blocked… in constipation, you will feel pretty awful….. remember we talked about the banging headache - Ouch!

Large Intestine, Bowel, Colon - Always have a colonic at the beginning or just before a detox, and another 2 or 3 days in, particularly if you are constipated now or in the past. Even if you are not prone to constipation, one of the side effects of detoxing is a sluggish bowel, so you still need a colonic. If you are doing a more gentle version of a detox, then a colonic once per week would support it well.

Coffee enemas can be included in the colonic process. I personally wouldn’t do a detox without them. They support the liver by stimulating bile and toxin release, and increase elimination during the colonic. Coffee enemas also help reduce the headache, and increase antioxidant production, which helps the detox by literally munching up free radicals. What is there not to love?

Lungs - We release a large proportion of our toxins through the breath.

Bladder - If you notice you are peeing continuously whilst detoxing, that is a good thing. Often we hold onto fluid in our cells in order to dilute toxins and acids, so they are less harmful. As the toxins are released from your cells, it can take the fluid with it.

Skin - Sweating will release toxins through the skin.


1 - Clear your exits - Bowel, Lungs, Skin, Bladder

2 - Support your processors - Liver, Small Intestine, Kidneys and Lymph

3 - Cellular Detox - Juices, Smoothies and Raw Food

Raw Food - A raw food diet will encourage cellular detoxing, particularly when combined with intermittent fasting, but not as effectively as juicing, because you still need to digest. Digestion takes up a lot of the energy needed to detox and repair your cells. Plus, you will always be compromised by how well you personally digest and absorb the nutrients. Stress has a massive impact on this.

Juicing and Smoothies - These encourage cellular detoxing as you are literally flooding your cells with cleansing nutrients, and because it is only juice, you won’t use any energy for digestion, and you won’t be compromised by digestion and absorption inhibitors, like stress. Smoothies will need to do a little digesting as they still contain the fibre.

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