Introducing the ETOX Treatment Package

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

The New ETOX Treatment package was tailored to you for New Year, New You Detoxing needs. 2020 has been an awful year filled with Stress and Heartbreak, combined with many of us being unable to sustain our normal self-care habits and routines; such as exercising, maintaining a healthy diet, and caring for our mind, body and skin in general.

Detoxing = More Toxins leaving The Body Than Going In.

If you're wondering if you really need to Detox, how it can help you and the many benefits of doing so, give our Health Benefits of Detoxingpost a read.

Below is everything included in the Exclusive Treatment Combination and how it can help detox your body, among other benefits, along with generally just being an overall relaxing self-care experience.

  • HALF AN HOUR FACIAL During the treatment an Half an hour facial will be provided. The facial will use facial massage techniques combined with products / active ingredients tailored to your specific skin concerns. While receiving your facial you will be lying comfortably in our lymphatic drainage suit…

  • LYMPHATIC MASSAGE SUIT A strange looking thing that looks like a space suit! - but brilliant none the less! People who use it report it feels like being massaged by 8+ people at once! This is because the suit compresses and massages every part of the body inside it at once. The suit, again, stimulates lymphatic drainage - courses of this treatment are often used for a ‘weight loss’ effect, which happens due to the body carrying less fluid and toxins in the area it is worn. Furthermore the can reduce the appearance of cellulite. For more a more detailed look at the Lymphatic Massage Suit functionality, we wrote a dedicated blog post here. ‘Introducing the Lymphatic Massage Suit’.

  • BODY BRUSH A thorough and firm (but not hard) dry brushing of the body, A dry brush with natural bristles is used by your therapist to brush the skin all over your body. This is done in circular, and sweeping motions in the direction of your heart. Along with a full body exfoliation, allows you to shed dead skin cells and brightening and smoothing the skin, This invigorates your senses and boosts circulation, and stimulates the lymphatic drainage system. Sometimes clients have reports a temporary reduction in the appearance of Cellulite - And it just has an overall satisfying sense of that ‘itch you need to scratch! - But all over! This is done prior to a body treatment which is where the Body Massage comes in.

  • BODY MASSAGE Another treatment that stimulation circulation and the Lymphatic Drainage System, (can you tell The Lymphatic System is the key to Detoxifying yet? - We’ve mentioned it 5 times in this post already!) The Body Massage will use professional techniques specifically dedicated to Lymphatic Drainage Massage. These techniques focus on encouraging the movement of lymph fluid inside the lymphnodes dotted around the body. This helps move waste and toxins from the bodily tissues.

Pricing and information for our ETOX package is available here. We also have other treatments available that can help with Detoxing of the body and skin, including CYTOPLAN supplements if your looking for a inside out focus on a detox. We can tailor these supplements to all kinds of concerns including stress, anxiety, sleep, and many more. Of which Cytoplan can offer a non-toxic approach to supplementation, unlike many in store brands available,

please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can advise you on the best treatment for your personal concerns and needs.

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