Lets talk skin care

Let’s talk skin care.

What are 5 of the many golden rules that can be used for every skin type?

•First of all, we get so pulled in by all these treatments and skin care brands that people forget that our skin is an Organ! In fact it is the largest organ of the body yet is one of the last organs to see nutrition. This is why it is important to feed your skin from the inside out (balanced diet, lots of water, massaging the skin) and the outside in (skin care and treatments) to get the skin in optimum health. Taking it right back to basics, before looking at brands, it is important to understand the ingredients that are in these products and what are these ingredients actually helping with on the skin. Don’t be pulled into the marketing hype.

•Every single cell of your body is mainly made up of water. Water is one of the most un used nutritional substance, yet our whole body relies on this. When you drink water, your cells can function properly, it aids the removal of toxins and waste, it helps with your digestive system which plays a huge part in your skin, it hydrates your body which will show extreme changes in your skin for many skin concerns as well as more energy!

•Massaging the skin for a minimum of 30 seconds will help to stimulate the blood circulation which brings oxygen and nutrition to the skin, it will stimulate the lymphatic system which drains waste, toxins and fluid retention from the area AND helps to penetrate active ingredients in the skin.

•Every skincare regime should have somthing to protect there skin from further damage (SPF), somthing to repair the damage on the skin and somthing to rebuild the skin back to health again. Many people use skin care to just try and repair a problem without trying to get the back to health again.

•Ideally, if you are not going to invest in Cosmeceuticals prescribed by a skin specialist then try and go as natural and organic as you can to prevent any harsh, unwanted ingredients on the skin. Now I’m not saying all cosmetics are bad, there are some great individual products out there on the market, but if you are unsure then go back to the basics of feeding your skin nutrition.



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