Mental health

This topic of conversation can go on forever with so many different opinions but I hope this helps a few people. :)

When people are in a bad place it is really important to talk about it but when people are in this place people may not want to talk, you may feel like no one will understand, you do not want to put this feeling or thoughts onto others, you are confused, you do not know how to explain yourself, the sense of ‘doom’ over powers, sometimes it’s almost an emotion that you can’t even put your finger on and the symptoms that you get in your mind and the body is scary. It is so important to try and eliminate these feelings and emotions for people in the first place, to try not allow someone to get this deep.

There is so much pressure on society now through day to day life, different people and personalities, expectations, social media, the news that the world feeds us that it is creating toxicity for the mind and body. There is also lots of incorrect help for people that truly need it and so much un needed diagnosis for people who do not have anything wrong with them making people think there is something wrong.

So many people are getting confused on emotions and forgetting that it is ok to be sad, ok to have a bad day, ok to be happy, ok to feel anxious and people are so exposed to other people’s dramas and emotions that people are taking other people’s weights on top of their own. So many young people under pressure because of the society and so many ‘social influences’, ‘public figures’ living on adrenaline with the world watching, feeling like they should be ‘happy’ because of what they have in life leading them to not being able to show their emotion and getting trapped, under pressure to maintain a certain image and not knowing how to deal with the media and life around them.

Mental health has now become such a big topic of conversation that it’s about time we all worked together to make an all-round change, life is stressful enough as it is but if we can lift just a tiny bit of that you will become happier in yourself and influence people around you to be happier.

Tips if you are feeling like you’re in a bad place;

Try and talk to someone. It may be hard at the time but talking makes everything so much better. Millions and millions of people have been in similar situations, feeling the same emotions.

Allow yourself to recover, do not put yourself under pressure to be ‘happy’ or be ‘positive’. Healing takes time.

Do what makes you happy. Whether that be a hobby, sitting watching your best film, listening to music, going away, make yourself feel good, being around good people.

Less TV, Less social media, Less news, Less technology…

Live a life you want to live. People get so caught up by what other people may think or hurting others. As long as you have the best intentions, you need to do exactly what you want. This is your life and what you do now to make that small change for yourself will not matter to someone else in weeks/months’ time.

You cannot give the best of yourself to people if you are not the best in yourself. Don’t pour from an empty cup. Focus on you and your happiness, this way you can help people focus on there’s. Do not drain your energy when you do not have it there.

Allow yourself to let go, we allow too much of the world’s problems on our shoulders. Most of it not even real or you would have never of known about it if you did not see it.

Remind yourself of what you find important.

Take time out to unwind.

When your ready, slowly get to the root of the problem.

Create boundaries with certain people.

Understand that everybody is perfect with there own personal flaws.

Listen to your body, understand its needs and what it is trying to tell you.

Educate your mind. (This can be on anything, get stuck into a book, read positive quotes, read how the mind works, learn people) Audio books, pod casts, books, YouTube, following good people on media…

Follow people who inspires you, who you look up to, who makes a positive impact.

Drink lots of water. (When our body is dehydrated this causes are cells to lock in toxins. This contributing to our mind not function properly, depression and anxiety like symptoms, feeling tired and no energy)

Try to focus on you and the stuff that really matters, do not compare yourself to other people, there lives, what you do and do not have. Everyone is on there own path.

Understanding what contributes to bad emotions and eliminating it (Drinking, drugs, negative people, particular environments, unfollow people one social media that constantly shows the world negative vibes, moods, news, videos…)

Make changes. Some times when we are depressed and anxious it is because our body is telling us that there is an unbalance. Try make a few changes to your daily routine, find a hobby, do something different, learn something new, change a job, create new habits.

Try and get out of your comfort zone. Anxiety and depression puts your body into fight and flight. If you get out of your comfort zone, this gives the brain stimulation and adrenaline to give your body something to direct this fight or flight. Getting out of your comfort zone also makes you face a fear and realize that things really are not that scary which in turn gives you a sense of calmness.

If you do not know what makes you happy, try new things.

Eat lots of greens. Greens alkaline the body which helps calm the body and removes toxins.

Disconnect to re connect. Come off social media, remove negative people, detox your mind and body.

Read positive motivational quotes.

Travel. Whether this be a couple hour drive or to the other side of the world. Travelling allows your mind to focus on other things, it gives you a challenge, it allows you to see new things, learn new things, be around positive people, reflect and allows you to learn people and see the best in others.

Fill your body with nutrition so that your body can deal with toxins and negative symptoms, it helps to calm the body and the mind. It also gives you energy, improves concentration and the feeling of ‘wellness’.

Work out- Helps sleep, boosts your happy hormone, directs adrenaline, improves mood, improves concentration, helps to remove toxins from the body, stimulates the circulation of the blood supply, oxygen and nutrition to the cells in the body.

Regular massages- Releases the feeling of stress and anxiety, improves sleep, improves way of thinking, gives the sense of calmness.

Make the first thing you read/ see/ listen to in the morning and last thing at night a positive one.

Enjoy the bad days, accept it, try not to fight it.


Do what needs to be done to find yourself again

How can the positive help people?

Be real. Yes, we all like to show what we have, edit a few pictures, portray the best bits but it is important to show we are all only human to. You are a mirroring a reflection which people are watching.

Listen to people

Show people there is light

Be kind

Be positive

Be supportive

Help educate people

Share positive things

Do not judge, learn from people

Push people to be the best in themselves

Do not put people under pressure to do things they do not want or be someone they are not.

Stay calm

Check in on people

When you’re going through a bad time, I know you feel trapped and that the emotions are so hard to deal with but it is so important to try find the strength within you to brain wash your mind and do what it takes to bring you back again. Always remember that people may not have the same story but have faced their own problems with the same feelings and emotions. You are not alone and when you come back up again no matter how long it may take, you will feel so alive and so educated. The best souls come from rock bottom.



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