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Iv been hearing so much on the radio about social media recently and been seeing the mental health issues which is becoming such a big thing from the media. Seeing girls so beautiful that it is putting so much pressure on people, it's giving guys un realistic expectations, it costs so much money to look/live like that, that it's un stainable for people to keep this up. There is so much pressure on society and young people that even when they achieve making lots of money, or gaining hundreds of thousands of followers that they are forced to feel like they "have everything" and they should be "happy" which then causes them to be confused with there emotions leading them into a mental down hill spiral. Social media can be such a fake perception on life and people need to understand what goes on behind the scenes. I have travelled to many places around the world and not yet have I seen girls truly look or act like how it is portrayed on social media. I have also been chilling on holidays and watching girls do the same pose for hours trying to get a 'good picture' which not only looks tiring but they have missed living in the moment, enjoying what's around them... In the industry I am in, I have seen thousands of ladies from all walks of life and you realise how everyone is just so naturally beautiful with our own personal flaws about ourselves. Every body wants legs like someone else, lips like someone else, skin like someone else but it's so important to just appreciate and love what you have. We now have the access to seeing people all over the world without truly knowing them or there lives. The most beautiful thing found in someone is self love and self confidence. By all means enhance the natural beauty you have but true beauty will shine through when you have love for yourself, it creates a vibe which will attract good people, good vibes and so much love. Don't let social media and the pressure tell you different. Work on yourself every day. Follow real people, do what makes you happy, educate your mind, be kind, work out, feel good, create the life you want, be good, do good, feed your body and mind what it needs to bring out the best in you.

This goes out to all men to ❤️️will make another later, to much to write about this subject on one post.



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