The E story (Business motivation)

We are now approaching our third birthday at Essential. Three years of an absolute roller coaster and still such early days.

Many people wonder how I got in the position and I really don’t know! Just been winging it for many years.

I left school with only a couple of GSCE’s (mainly with help of teachers who was willing to help as I didn't like School) and then I did not know what I wanted to do. Unfortunate (but fortunately) my lack of qualifications only really pushed me in the direction of doing a beauty qualification. In College I also struggled, being in classes and doing course work just isn’t for me. While in college I was working in a care home, I highly recommend everyone to experience some work experience in the care industry (lots of love and respect to you all). Just turned 18 years old and on the first day at the job holding a dying ladies hand till the end was quiet the eye opener. Due to a hard home life I moved out at 17, was doing a full-time college course, working in a very busy care home from sun rise until sun down and rented a small beauty room to build up a client base. If anyone can say they started somewhere then I started by making clients have spray tans in my shed and beauty treatments led on a bedroom mattress for no more than a fiver! From how intense the pressure of life and dealing with a world full of people I became quiet unwell that it was a worrying time for many people (for anyone going through a hard time or been through one, sending lots of love and positive vibes). For a short while I worked in a couple of local spas around the area which was another experience before deciding to move to London. In London I invested the small money I had into doing Level 4 aesthetic courses and went a few months unemployed going to interview after interview until I got a job at a franchise of clinics specialising in Laser and Skin treatments based in London Wall. Again, amazing experience and knowledge working the London life. Different clientele, different business ventures, different staff personalities. Although my house was not to far away from central London it would take nearly 2 hours commute each way every day to work, getting up for work at 5am in the morning and coming home gone 10pm some days. After a year of London adventures and learning I moved back to Weston and worked in a skin and laser clinic in Clifton. Another amazing experience working in a completely different business. Going from a huge franchise in London to a start up business in Bristol was great learning. Working 10am-7pm while commuting and building up a small client base around the shifts was another busy year of working.

Then Essential was built!

I have always had a business head and a mind full of ideas and I promised myself that I would go into the industry as deep as I could while bringing in the care aspect on helping people as much as I can. I decided to risk every penny I had to my name and open Essential in Weston. From having to fund this myself, I started off with very minimal. Just enough to be able to provide standard beauty treatments. As time went on, every penny that came in, I used to invest into more tools, equipment and products. The first 2 years was a very hard time, we achieved so much but my mind and body was drained. Some days I had 24 hours to make £5000.00 for bills due the next day, I was working 16 hour days back to back just clients for weeks, this was so much stress and pressure at 21 years old. Coming up to the second year I became quiet unwell again, I remember walking out of work on Christmas eve and did not stop being sick. People can be very draining, the pressure of money, having to constantly be switched on. The achievements are amazingggg but people do not understand the graft that goes on behind the building of a business (which is why we must all stick together and support one another).

Soph was my first member of staff and all I could offer her was part time hours on commission only with the promise that I would make the business work. 3 years in and she is now full time manager! In the first few years of business is always the hardest, you make so many mistakes, you must learn from so much. Managing staff and dealing with people is a skill in itself. Just off three years in we have won British and English hair and beauty awards, won business awards, trained up nearly all of our best therapists from no experience, opened our second clinic with plans to open the 3rd, we have over 10 staff members, we have been on amazing retreats, launched a spray tan brand, bought out our Essential merchandise, we offer free microblading for cancer and alopecia patients, we have created some AMAZING life changing transformations, we work with people on such a phycological and physical aspect that it makes everything that extra rewarding, we work with some amazing knowledgable local business to provide only the best services to our clients, we offer UK and over seas training and work shops up to level 4 standard and we have got so many amazing plans over the next few years which I cannot wait to share with the world. Even to this day it is constant investing, constant learning and constant growing in order to get to where we want to be and I love every minuet of it.

This experience is been an absolute roller coaster and I would not change it for the world.


If I can say what this journey has told me is;

You are capable of anything and do not let anyone tell you otherwise

If you do not know what you want to do in life then try everything until you find your passion

Travel and learn

Be open minded

Learn to deal with the stressful days. Mindset is Key.

Make goals

Surround yourself with good people and positive energy

Do not give up

Be obsessed with your passion

Learn to appreciate the roller coaster of emotions

You do not need money to get to where you want to be, you need your mind and motivation

Work hard

Educate yourself on anything and everything! Open your mind up to the world.

Appreciate the little things in life

Take risks

Make sure you look after yourself along the way

Success DOES NOT come easy. People want the life that successful people live but are not willing to put in the back ground graft and emotion to get there.

Keep going because the outcome is so worth it.



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