The Weather is changing and so is our skin

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

The weather is changing, and so is our skin. As we begin to go into the colder months, you may find that your skin begins to change. You may notice that your skin becomes dry, dull, inflamed, congested, break outs, irritated, broken capillaries. Why is this? •The harsh weather starts breaking down our natural barrier in our skin which allows things we do not want to get into the skin, this also stops your skin from healing properly which is why SPF all year round is crucial. •Going into hot and cold environments breaks down skin cells, causes inflammation, irritation and broken capillaries. •As our skin looses moisture, our oil glands over produce to compensate hydration in the skin which is why we get break outs. Dead skin cells + Over production of oil + inflammation + Impaired skin defence system = break outs •Our immune system is working a little harder to combat conmen diseases and disorders that we pick up in the colder months.

So how to we combat this? •Begin to change your skin regime rich in vitamin C, enzymes, aloe, light exfoliation, hyalaronic acid and retinol. •This is the perfect time of year to begin skin treatments to combat concerns due to little UV ray exposure. •Lots of water and greens to feed the body nutrition from the inside out. •Wear an SPF all year round. •Regular facial to maintain skin health. •Cosmeceuticals skin care to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. •Massage the skin while cleansing to slough away dead skin cells, allow ingredients to penetrate and stimulate the lymphatic system which contributes to removal of waist and wound healing. •Massaging the face also stimulates the blood supply to bring oxygen and nutrition to the skin while helping to flow blood away from the face (capillaries)

Why Vitamin C? •Stimulates your own hydration in the skin. •Rebuilds the skin barrier defence system. •Helps to rebuild broken capillaries. •Great to even skin tones and textures. •Antioxidant to help fight environmental damage. •Helps to control the oil and kill of bacteria.

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