Tips and tricks to eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are amazing to enhance your natural lashes. The look can go from natural right the way to full and thick due to different techniques, lengths, thickness and curls that can be used. Always be open minded with lash extensions, as much as the practitioner will work on getting your desired look, it all depends on the length of your natural eyelashes and how many natural eyelashes you have for us to work with.

As eyelash extensions are one of our most popular treatments here in the salon, we thought we would give you some tips and tricks of ways to look after your eyelash extensions while avoiding damage to your natural lashes.

-Ensure that you have had a test patch at least 24-48 hours prior to treatment, this will avoid any allergic reaction around the eye area. Although it is very rare, eyes can become sensitive to lash extensions at any point but by having a test patch and going by correct aftercare, this can avoid an adverse reaction. -Eyelash extensions can be very hard wearing but to maintain the look of the lashes and to avoid any damage to natural lashes we advise to just try and leave your eyelash extensions alone. If you get them wet then pat dry do not rub dry, if you are removing make up from your face and eyelids then go around the eyelash extensions rather than over them and use a cotton bud to get right in to the eyelash line. You can buy special eyelash cleansers for lash extensions so that oil in cleanser will not remove the eyelashes. -Try and keep your lash extensions as hygienic as possible, we advise you to have a fresh set of eyelashes around every 4th-5th infill appointment as this will give you a chance to remove any old eyelash extensions, give the eyes a really good cleanse and apply fresh new lashes. By doing this we can keep an eye on the health of your natural lash extensions, it will keep up standards of hygiene and of course…nothing looks as good as a fresh fluffy set of eyelash extensions. - Do your research! To offer eyelash extensions only requires a one-day course for most training companies and anyone can go on them… Please make sure you look at your therapist work and ask them questions. -You will notice that eyelashes tend to fall out quicker on the side of the face that you sleep on. -Eyelash extensions should last around 4-6 weeks and infills recommended around 2-3 weeks. In rare cases lashes may fall out a little quicker than they should. This is for many reasons such as to much oil on the natural lashes, the glue could not be holding to your eyelash properly, the client not going by the correct aftercare, going through your natural eyelash cycle and could sometimes be down the practitioners (mainly training technicians). If eyelash extensions fall out quicker than they should, most of the time it is not down to the practitioner if they are experienced but down to different aspects on what goes on around the treatment. If eyelash extensions fall out quicker than they should then contact your practitioner and I am sure they will be happy to help you. -Do not pick, play and pull eyelash extensions, this is the most common reason why people have natural lash damage. If you would like your eyelashes removed then the practitioner will have special remover to remove any eyelashes. -Eyelash extensions come in hundreds of different lengths, curls and thickness. Work with your practitioner to find the perfect style for you. -Avoid any oily products around the eyes such as make up, cleansers, mascaras ect… -Your lash tech should give you a disposable brush to take home with you so that you can brush them through. -Saunas, steam rooms, sun, sleeping on the face, to much eye make-up, oil products, and getting them wet regularly will all contribute to lashes falling of quicker than they should.



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