Truth about toxins

People talk of toxins in the body but do we know what they are and how they effect our health? Toxins enter your body which it then cant use or handle and then can cause health problems if they hang around and accumulate in cells. They include pollutants, pesticides and free radicals. Toxins can be found in food, air, water and chemicals that enter the body which we are exposed to every day. A breath of “fresh air” can leave your body polluted with methane, carbon monoxide, vehicle emissions chemicals and trace amounts of tobacco smoke while a tall glass of water can leave your body exhausted from trying to clean out the bleach, chlorine, ammonia and OTC and prescription medications that came with it. Normally, your body knows how to avoid excess toxins, you take in what you need, and you get rid of what you don’t. Your liver and kidneys play a massive part of filtration and break down. Why are toxins bad? Fat cells hold toxins which means its harder to loose weight when your body is toxic and you 'yoyo' diet Acidity in the body feed health problems Causes ageing Feeds cancer cells Feeds symptoms of anxiety and depression Fatigue and loss of concentration Stress and mood swings Lack of energy Low immune system Lack of sleep Headaches/dizziness Palpitations In balanced digestive system Low immune system Future health problems The list can go on...

How can we prevent it and detox the body? If you cant read it do not eat it, many foods now are full of ingredients, stabilizers, emulsifiers... Take vitamins and supplements which promote detoxification and feed the body the good that we need LOTS of bottled water; green tea and nutritional drinks also help Probiotics Natural and organic food Home cooked foods Eat more fiber Eat more magnesium Vitaminc c is a massive antioxidant for the body Excersize Sweat; Saunas, work out, steam rooms... Cleanse days Lots of nutrition and alkaline foods

When you help to remove the body of toxins the results are amazing, you never realize how healthy your body is made to feel.



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