Why moisturising is a no from us.

Good Evening!

We hope you would spend a few minuets this evening watching this video made by ZO ( The skin care brand we use in clinic)

In consultations we try and provide alot of education for our clients to take with them and explain the important of skin health and how you deal with the skin from home.

One of the most important facts we provide for our clients is;

1)We do not recommend 'moisturising' the skin. When we moisturise it tells our own skin cell hydration to stop producing because it can feel the layer on the top layer of the skin. This means that all your cells which need the most hydration are becoming very dehydrated and this is why we see many concerns on the face such as break outs, oily skin, tight skin, itchy skin, dehydrated skin and what makes the cosmetic industry worse is that the higher the cost of a moisturiser tends to do more damage for the skin due to the high moisture content.

2) Your cells in your skin has been designed to work together so if your skin cell hydration is not working correctly, it will confuse the rest of the cells in the skin leading to many skin concerns.

3) Alot of cosmetic over the counter moisturisers tends to be very low in active ingredients (the ingredient most brands use to promote the product) which means you see very minimal results AND they tend to be buffered and blended with many harmful ingredients for the skin such as alcohol, perfum, parabens and fragrances which also continues to strip and dry out the skin.

What can you do to help?

1)Build up good skin care brands which penetrate to the bottom layers of the skin that will help to stimulate your own skin cell hydration.

2)Ideally every body should be on cosmecutical skin care (penetrates to the deeper layer of the skin and alot higher in active ingredients). If you are not investing in cosmecutical skin care then REMEMBER your skin is an organ and needs nutrition. Go as natural and organic as you can to maintain skin health and feed your skin from the outside in.

3) Regular facial treatments will stimulate the cells in the skin which helps to combat concerns while maintain the health of the skin.

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