Why Retinol is so important in your skin regime?

Why is Retinol so important in our skin regime?

Retinol (Vitamin A) is one of the most talked about ingredients for the skin due to its many benefits. It is advised to be used in low percentages from younger skin regimes all the way through to higher percentages in the older years. You can buy Retinol in many different forms such as cleansers, creams, serums depending on skin types, concerns and the potency of the product.

So what is Retinol?

Retinol is from the Vitamin A family found in food, Vitamin A has many amazing benefits for the body such as protecting the eyes, lowers risks of certain cancers, supports immune system, reduces acne and encourages healthy cell growth and repair. Vitamin A is a great anti oxidant which helps to fight of diseases and disorders both on the skin and in the body.

If you speak to any dermatologist, nurse, aesthetic practitioner… Retinol is widely used across the board for its many benefits.

1) It stimulates the fibroblast cell which produces collagen and elastin. This making it a GREAT anti aging treatment and one of the only ingredients which has been clinically proven to penetrate the dermis layer to stimulate the fibroblast.

2) The fibroblast also stimulates your skin cell hydration (also known as GAGS) so by stimulating the fibroblast we are also helping to hydrate the skin.

3) Due to the anti oxidant properties of Retinol this helps to kills of any bacteria on the skin which is great for acne/oily suffers or people that have a unbalanced skin (which is most people). Our skin does need bacteria and there is a massive difference between the good bacteria and the bad bacteria which will be discussed in another blog.

4) Retinol is great for growth and repair of skin cells. A healthy skin is a happy skin and a happy skin has very minimal/no major concerns.

5) Your cells in the skin all work together, so when we see specific skin concerns this means some cells may need more attention than others BUT the goal is to get ALL cells working together to do there jobs properly. Due to the benefits of retinol, this encourages cells to work together to maintain skin health and fight concerns.

6) Retinol stimulates skin cell renewal bringing fresh new cells to the surface of the skin and removing the dead skin cells from the top. Amazing for un even skin tones and textures.

7) Retinol encourages the exfoliation of pigmentation and helps calm the melanocyte (cell which produces pigment). This helps fight against un even skin tones and pigmentation. (Also known as a Tyrosine inhibiter.)

8) Retinol helps to protect skin cell DNA and the life of a cell keeping you younger for longer!

If this is not enough to make you want to get Retinol into your regimen then I do not know what is!

A few things to remember when bringing retinol into your skin care.

Always ask a skin care practitioner for there recommendation, Retinol comes in many different forms, buffered with different ingredients, different strengths. With a skin consultation from an experienced practitioner they can advise best.

It is normal for the skin to go through a few fazes within the first few weeks of using it, you may experience dryness, irritation, break outs. You may be asked to start off on a lower percentage or only use it certain times of the week and slowly build it up for your skin to get used to.

ALWAYS use cosmeceutical skin care, cosmeceuticals penetrate to the bottom of the epidermis/top of the dermis where the skin cell activity is, this ensure we are working with the correct cells to maintain skin help and combat concerns. Cosmetic products (over the counter and online) sit on the top layer of the skin which are dead skin cells and they are very low in active ingredients (retinol) meaning it is not working to its full potential.

It is recommended to only use Retinol in the evening, this is because it can cause slight sun sensitivity to the sun due to the activity on the skin, your skin absorbed and heals during the nice and if Vitamin A is used in the morning and your skin is then exposed to free radicals and UV rays in the day, this can cause the vitamin to do more damage than good to the skin.

Most importantly….ALWAYS WERE AN SPF! Spf is the most important protocol to skin health, this protects your skin from the outside work while allowing your skin cells to do there job properly.



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