Winter Vs Illness

We are coming around to that time of year again where the days are closing in, we are receiving a lack of sun light causing SAD (seasonal affective disorder), our diets change, our skin changes and the joys of the seasonal pressure is just around the corner. With the cold weather and the small amount of day light we begin to become un motivated, tired and fatigued. The immune system is depressed to some degree by cold weather which particularly affects the upper respiratory tract when cold air is breathed in. A cold nose gives cold and flu causing rhinoviruses more opportunities to reproduce, so you are more likely to catch cold and flu. There are many germs flying around and this time or year is common to catch sickness bugs. Due to the lack of vitamin D and the cold weather, aches and pains may become more apparent in the body. The winter makes your skin dry due to the lack of humidity in the air and when the body and the mind is cold your mind release a chemical which stimulates depressive like symptoms.

Here are some tips and advise to get you through the winter months.

Calorie burning can be higher during winter as your body is spending a lot of energy trying to keep itself warm. Your metabolism revs up and your body burns more fat and calories to be used for energy.

Keep warm and do things that make you feel good in yourself.

This is the perfect time of year for comfort eating, cosy clothing and movie nights. Enjoying all the home comforts.

Embrace the beauty, night lights, the crisp clear sky, icey trees, fresh air. Make the most of the warm winter feeling and visit the local markets and events.

Continue your work outs, as much as it is easier to fall out of routine, exercise stimulates the ‘happy’ hormone which will help you to power through the winter season with a positive mind set. It will make you feel less guilty when indulging in comfort eating and will keep you feeling healthy in yourself. Exercise is a great way of reducing depression and anxiety like symptoms as well as supporting your immune system which helps fight away flu like symptoms. If you find it hard to get motivated then try and keep telling yourself why exercise is so important, find a gym buddy or join fitness classes or boot camps to help support you through the winter months.

Drink atleast 2 litres of water a day. I always say that water is the magic ingredient which we all do not take enough advantage of. Water will keep your skin glowing, stimulates the metabolism, stimulates the immune system, helps flush toxins from the body, reduces anxiety and depression symptoms and will help to avoid gaining a few pounds.

Do not let the Christmas months be a stress, this is a time of year where we are given the opportunity to spend quality time with our family and friends to make precious memories. It should not be about who has the best and most presents, is should be a happy relaxed time. If budget is hard for you this year then put things in place to suit the budget. Secrete Santa, only spending X amount on each person, start the Christmas shopping sooner rather than later so that the big cost does not all come at once, find the best deals.

Invest in a Vitamin D lamp, due to the lack of sunshine we have over the winter months the skin cannot convert as much light into Vitamin D. Vitamin D has many benefits such as boosts immunity, reduces stress and anxiety symptoms, promotes bone health, fights diseases and infection, improves organ functions, lifts depression and much more.

Listen to and read positive books.

Cut down on social media. This time of year can be negative for some people. Eliminate you taking on every one else’s load but avoiding social media. Maybe help someone else by posting something positive to go in to there subconscious mind while scrolling through Facebook and Instagram.

Enjoy the down time, use this as time to see family, play games, have nights in, recharge and relax from the crazy busy year that it has been.

Try and not allow the darker evenings finish your day. Continue to be productive, use these darker evenings to de clutter your mind, the house, the work load, learn something new, read books.

Make the most of the natural light, go for walks and embrace the out doors.

Stay hygienic, wash your hands regularly to eliminate bacteria growth.

You may want to use this time or year to change your skin regime, the cold weather will take an effect on the skin n many ways. Your skin is a window to the body which means not only is your skin being neglected from the top with the harsh weathers but will show from the inside if you become stress, tired and ill. I recommend investing in a specialised cosmeceutical brand advised by skin specialists to keep your skin looking healthy.

Keep dosed up on all vitamins and minerals.

Eat a lot of green foods, this will help to balance the bodies acidity levels which will keep the body in good health as well as fight of any illness’s and diseases. You will feel better and healthier in yourself which will help with motivation and positivity. Eating green foods and food high in the right vitamins and nutrition will help neutralise anxiety and depression symptoms.

Try and use this time as goal making and reflecting.



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