Body Treatments

Swedish body massage;

This classic relaxation massage one of most salon and spas most popular go to treatment to relax and unwind. With slow flowing movements this treatment is amazing to stimulate the lymphatic system which aids the removal of toxins in the body, it stimulates the blood supply which carries vital oxygen, nutrition and chemical messengers around the body. Swedish full body massage has the many benefits which include gently releasing muscle aches and pains, calming the mind, reduces stress and anxieties, helps with the immune system, helps with digestion health and much more. Swedish massage can go from being light pressure to more of a deep firmer pressure depending on client expectations. Please contact if you have any questions or allergies and medical requirements. 

Deep tissue massage; 

Deep tissue massage is great for people who enjoy a firm massage or who do activities which causes tension, knots and pain. Deep tissue massage can be an all over body massage or focused specifically in areas of need. Deep tissue massage is great for muscle healing and releasing deep pain and tension in the body. 

Hot stone massage therapy;

Hot stone massage brings the relaxation of massage to a new level. With use of hot stones it enables us to warm up the muscle tissue and really get into the muscle fibres. Hot stone massage helps to balance the mind and the soul due to the healing energies as well as create a sense of rejuvenation. Hot stone massage can be used along side Swedish and deep tissue massage so you can have a feel for massage by hand and stone. 

Indian Head massage;

Indian head massage is an amazing way to calm the mind and zone out of reality. This treatment has many benefits such as releasing stiffness and tension around the head and neck, stimulation of blood circulation and the lymphatic system, relaxation of scalp tissue, reduces anxiety, promotes the scene of peace, calm and well being, promotes concentration and clearer thinking. 

Aromatherapy massage;

Aromatherapy massage is very similar to Swedish full body massage but instead of using a pre blended massage medium, the therapist will personally blend the massage medium depending on the client. Once the client has found out more information about you, they will use aromatherapy oils depending on your wants and needs from the treatment. This could be relaxation, alertness, concentration, help sleeping, stress relief. Speak to your therapist to discus the best tailored massage for you. 

Luxury back treatment; 

Due to our backs being very much neglected, this luxury treatment is a great way to give your back some TLC. This 45 minute treatment includes a cleanse, exfoliation, 25 minute back massage, mask and moisturise. Not only will you enjoy the relaxation benefits of the massage, your back will also be deep cleansed and deeply exfoliated.

Body scrub;

Why not try our 1 hour body scrub, this treatment aids the removal of dead skin cells bringing fresh skin cells to the surface, it is great for body re vitality and rejuvenation. Due to the techniques used to apply the scrub, your bloody supply and lymphatic system will benefit from great stimulation. You body will be lightly washed over with hot towels, the body scrub treatment will begin, the scrub will be left on for 5 minutes and then removed with hot towels, finished of with a moisturise massaged into the body.


The term reflexology is a system of massage techniques used to relieve tension and treat illness, based on the theory that there are reflex points on the feet, hands, and head linked to every part of the body. Reflexology is an amazing alternative method to medicine where your hands, head and feet are linked to every part of your body creating healing and vitality.

ETOX Face & Body; 

30 minutes in our body lymphatic massage suit while we perform a facial with use of active ingredients tailored to your skin concern.

Full body brush treatment
Full body massage

Before each holistic therapy treatment your therapist will get you to sign a client form so we can ensure that everything is ok to go ahead and to discuss and questions or concerns with you. Before all treatment we will provide a quick consultation to explain the treatment, if you would like a more detailed body consultation to discuss what would be best for you, medical concerns, future advise and recommendation, nutrition. Then please let us know on booking so we can allow more time for appointment. 

Benefits of massage:

Stress relief 

Stimulates the metabolism

Stimulates the bloody supply providing oxygen and nutrition around the body

Stimulates the lymphatic system which aids the removal of waist and toxins

Stimulates the immune system

Releases symptoms of depressions and anxiety

Releases muscle ache and tension

Sleep better 

Gives a sense of peace and calm

Improves alertness and concentration

The list is endless...